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Fashion the Smile You Want

Dr. George Zarb and his team provide customized treatments designed to keep you smiling.

Complete Dental Care Services on Yonge St.

Welcome to George Zarb Dentistry! Our clinic serves the dental needs of Midtown residents around Yonge St. From Invisalign® teeth straightening to general dental exams for all members of the family, our convenient locations offer a host of services to maintain your oral health. Our clinic houses modern facilities that utilize some of the latest advancements in dental technology. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Zarb is well versed in formulating treatment plans to help restore damaged, worn or missing teeth. Reach out to him for complete dental care services around Yonge St.

Did You Know?

Not every dentist that performs cosmetic dentistry is necessarily a prosthodontist. In order to be considered a true “oral architect,” prosthodontists are required to undergo an exhaustive postdoctoral educational program (typically 3 years) that is accredited by the Canadian Dental Association as well as the American Dental Association. Prosthodontists diagnose and treat a variety of tooth and jaw conditions. Our services include:

  • Tooth replacements

  • Teeth bleaching/whitening

  • Treatment for teeth clenching

  • Cosmetic reconstruction

  • Fillings

  • Dentures

  • Veneers

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Splints/mouthguards

  • Implants 

  • Any and all prosthetics for the mouth

Are you looking for the ever-popular Invisalign® product?

We provide indiscreet teeth straightening using their innovative alignment system. You can opt for this method as it is equally effective despite being invisible. It is also safe and removable and allows you to continue eating normally while straightening your teeth.


Whether you’re due for a checkup or you have a specific concern you would like us to address, everyone is invited to get in touch with our staff for a personalized consultation. We’re not hard to hard! Both our locations rate highly in terms of walkability and accessibility.


Give Us a Call

For professional dental care and services on Yonge St., contact our clinic now. Dr. George Zarb and his team strive to make your next visit as pleasant and convenient as possible. Give us a call or send us a message to book a time that works best for you.

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Be Brilliant

It’s never too late to improve the appearance and performance of your teeth.


Make It Clear

Invisalign® aligners help correct gapped and overcrowded teeth, overbites, underbites and more.


Bring the Kids

Put your children on the right track by instigating good oral hygiene habits today.

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